From the verb “enanzar”.

Lively, energetic and painstaking at work.

Progress in a task.

(How little progress you’ve made!)

“Enanzar” is a typical Navarrese verb

José María Irisaren, Vocabulario Navarro

exclusive to the community.


As far as we are concerned, Enanzo is not just a wine,

but rather the exquisite, delicate and subtle fruit

which hundreds of people have arrived at through

their effort, dedication and love of the land.

Campos de Enanzo

We have been working with “enanzo” in our fields for more than fifty years now


Unbeatable natural and climatological conditions for vine growing have made Murchante an area with a long, winemaking tradition.


The winery’s excellent production capacity is matched by its modern bottling system capable of turning out more than 6,000 bottles an hour.

This capacity, together with years of experience, has allowed us to develop a distribution and sales system which is able to meet the demands of our customers and distributors throughout the entire world.

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