Our 600 hectares of vineyards, where young vines brush shoulders with vines more than 50 years old, are located in this privileged environment. The average age of the vines grown in out vineyards approaches 30 years.

A wide range of varieties allows us to make wine specifically conceived to become young wine or crianza.

Our great respect for nature and the fruit it provides us with means that out vineyards are thoroughly controlled and yields of more than 6,500 kilograms per hectare are not conceived.

The result is a total yield of 10 million kilograms of grapes grown using techniques which strengthen, but do not modify the virtues of the fruit itself.

A privileged environment

Many factors have come into play to make Murchante an area with a great winemaking tradition: its privileged location in the southernmost reaches of Navarra’s Ribera Baja region, which, while being tight in the middle of the semiarid area as far as weather conditions are concerned, also enjoys an extremely positive influence from nearby Mount Moncayo (2,316 meters), which regulates the temperature on the right bank of the River Ebro; an ideal climate for vine growing with land on the different tiers of the terraces and quaternary glacis carved by the River Ebro and its right-bank tributaries. Most of the sediment comes from the mountains of the Iberian System, soils with frank, often stony textures. Calcareous crust often lies shallow on the higher terraces.

These exceptional conditions, which in the view of winegrowers and oenologists, authorities in the handling and growing of vines for high quality grapes and wines, fully appreciate the value of, are the very definition of Murchante.

Ideal conditions join forces with the age-old, Navarrese, winemaking tradition, which has been handed down from generation to generation and is now scrupulously cared for by the Designation of Origin Navarra.